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Lifeboats and law of the sea

The Australian government is up to some pretty dodgy stuff when it comes to handling of asylum seeker boats coming from Indonesia and other countries. I’m not going to go into that mess as there are plenty of other places … Continue reading

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Why the Coalition Governments “Silence” is a brilliant ploy

It has been noted that the shiny new Coalition Government has taken the approach of going into a self-imposed media blackout. They are making very few anouncements or media interviews. All MP’s have been told all media statements and appearances … Continue reading

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Could a successful Climate Council be a bad thing?

Could the success of a privately funded Climate Council be the slippery slope that leads to the axing of more government services? The new Coalition Governments approach of taking a baseball bat to the various climate related portfolios, departments and … Continue reading

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The leadership story that isn’t, or shouldn’t be

The Labor leadership… How does the media manage to justify their obsession with filling pages with a story that doesn’t actually exist. *IF* there is a challenge, *THEN* and only then should it become a story. Since when is speculation … Continue reading

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Compromise and Compromised

Politics… I really wish I could ignore it. I don’t actually care about politics as such, but as I get older I’ve been more interested in the way it impacts me, my family and the world around me. Ideally, the … Continue reading

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Where is “The Center”?

I’ve seen a few blogs and stories about how both major parties are drifting (or lurching) to “the right”. After thinking about this it doesn’t really make sense. Where is the “center” and how is it defined? Is the political … Continue reading

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Am I a leftist or a rightist?

Here’s a complicated thought. If you support policies that are introduced by a “Left” leaning political group, does that automatically¬†make you a Leftist? In the current climate, I would have to say I¬†am a “lefty”, but I don’t really think … Continue reading

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