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Things I’d like to know about the new NBN plan

Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN strategic review came out today, and about the only thing I feel prepared to give him credit for is the fact that he did release it (mostly) for all to see. That probably isn’t really that surprising though … Continue reading

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My “Foxtel is scared of the NBN” thought bubble

Conspiracy theories and wild speculation aside, the idea that Rupert would be worried about the fibre NBN damaging his Foxtel business would have to be given some potential for truth. At the moment Foxtel controls the delivery mechanism (HFC) and … Continue reading

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The LNP NBN plan and things I’m wondering about

This might be a long post. I’ll admit I haven’t (as of 11/4/2013) read through the “background documents” that the LNP policy is apparently based on. I’m not actually sure I know where they even are at the moment. I’ll … Continue reading

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Woohoo, the NBN is coming

So the big bad NBN is coming to a street near me soon. When I say soon I mean “construction will commence” sometime toward the end of this year. Damn, make it FASTER! I want it NOW! That’s still a … Continue reading

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