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A thought In much the same way the Christmas Holiday period seems to be a trigger for increased suicides, what about the compounding effect RUOK day has on someone who feels alone, hears repeated prompting about “asking someone if they are … Continue reading

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Twitter Holiday

A few weeks ago I stopped using Twitter. Cold Turkey. I don’t think I’ve quit, just taking a sabbatical. I’ll go back sometime, but not just yet. I’ve had a twitter account for quite a while, but like a lot … Continue reading

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Tax the bludgers

This is an easy one. People on welfare are not trapped in a poverty cycle *because* of welfare. Welfare is not the foot on their head holding them under the water. Welfare is the thing that is helping them to … Continue reading

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The Medical Research Fund

Don’t get me wrong, offering funding for research into science is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned. In this case, I question the motives and larger implications. In particular, it is not helpful to offer “the largest … Continue reading

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Pixels made flesh

Yup, I’ve been pretty disillusioned for a while now, and there’s a lot in this post that really helps to explain what’s been going on in my own head lately.

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Lifeboats and law of the sea

The Australian government is up to some pretty dodgy stuff when it comes to handling of asylum seeker boats coming from Indonesia and other countries. I’m not going to go into that mess as there are plenty of other places … Continue reading

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Things I’d like to know about the new NBN plan

Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN strategic review came out today, and about the only thing I feel prepared to give him credit for is the fact that he did release it (mostly) for all to see. That probably isn’t really that surprising though … Continue reading

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