Kind of nervous now, I’ve just linked this page to my twitter profile. I don’t know if that will make any difference, or if I’m opening myself up to a world of pain. Perhaps I’ve just become comfortable with this blog being unread and being a place I can shout my thoughts to the world without fear of ridicule.

This blog is about weather/climate, religion, politics, science etc. Basically all those things you arenā€™t supposed to talk about at the dinner table or in polite company. For the most part it will be rambling rants as they occur to me, and may or may not have some form of structure to their arguments. I will almost certainly be verbose and may start using words that are much bigger than required.

If anyone stumbles across this blog, I’m happy to hear arguments for or against, however I reserve the right to refuse all comments that are not on-topic.

If you are looking for my technical blog, you need to go to here instead http://kickthatcomputer.wordpress.com/

Disclaimer: All opinions and views expressed or inferred on this blog are those of the author(s) and should not be considered to be representative of any employer now, in the past, or in the future. If an employer happens to have the same or different views, they can express them how they wish to in a manner they choose.
If for some reason you decide that an opinion of mine reflects poorly on my employer, then perhaps you need to consider that you are reading too much into the things you see on the internet and should take a break from reading stuff for a bit.


2 Responses to About

  1. Doc says:

    Stumbled across your blog through twitter, as you seemed to write pretty reasonably and another person I followed RT’d your comment and I use others like a filter for who’s a reasonable bod sometimes. Hopefully you don’t get too many haters coming across, look forward to reading your posts Scott, or ‘shit you write’ if the other sounds too polite šŸ˜‰ Go for it.

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Like most people I am a pretty reasonable guy as long as you agree with everything I say šŸ™‚
    I’m not particularly worried about haters, and in some ways I’d actually like to attract some “opposite” personalities. On one level it will challenge me to think about my own points of view, and either force me to formulate more clearly why I hold those views. Or it may even present alternatives that hadn’t occurred to me.
    In the case of this blog, my nervousness comes about more from fear of having my views challenged and not being able to defend them. Trolls don’t bother me. I’ll either play with them when I’m bored until I get more bored, or until they give up and look for other people to annoy.
    Besides; my blog, my rules. If they don’t stay on topic, they don’t get to stay.

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