Tax the bludgers

This is an easy one. People on welfare are not trapped in a poverty cycle *because* of welfare. Welfare is not the foot on their head holding them under the water.

Welfare is the thing that is helping them to float enough to keep their heads above water.

When you “have means”, it’s easy to bounce back after complications arise as you have a buffer to use. Not everyone has a buffer. I wonder if some of our politicians really realise this?

When Joe Hockey says that the first thing he would expect an unemployed person to do is “get a job”, I wonder if he has actually thought that through at all. It seems simple enough.

I believe the majority of unemployed people aren’t there by choice.

There is so much in the last budget that really infuriates me. Not because it will hit me (not much, but some will), but because I know there are people who are already doing it hard that will now have an even harder time of it.

Telling them to “get a job” or to just “do better” really doesn’t seem like the answer to me.

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