Why the Coalition Governments “Silence” is a brilliant ploy

It has been noted that the shiny new Coalition Government has taken the approach of going into a self-imposed media blackout. They are making very few anouncements or media interviews. All MP’s have been told all media statements and appearances need to be approved by the Prime Ministers Office.

The EMERGENCY issues of Asylum Boat arrivals and the Budget have gone into total lock-down. The NBN had a brief outing prior to the PMO approval thing and since then Malcolm has also been effectively silenced.

So why is this a brilliant ploy?

Many people, myself included, are quite frustrated and frankly downright pissed-off that such a thing has been allowed to happen and that the media seems to accept this situation. It is worth noting however, that many of the people that are raging about this would also be raging about anything the government said even if it didn’t have this silence in place.

These days, people have a very short attention span, and the media has an even shorter one. The government would be well aware of this, and after years of making so much noise that the media was more than happy to regurgitate, it might seem odd that they now go silent. But it isn’t actually.

The news of the last few years has been over-hyped by the Coalitions rhetoric, and that same rhetoric they know is impossible to solve, because it just doesn’t exist. They know that going silent will kill off the hype media cycle because the media isn’t being fed any new stories, so the oxygen is sucked out of the previous frenzy. People are “over” the drama of the election, so are glad to have a bit of peace and quiet and may not notice the vacuum. The people that do notice would make noise regardless, so the government will just ignore them as nothing it does would matter there anyway.

The government will keep the “bad” news out of the media, people will forget, and in a few months time new “feel good” news will start to seep out. The government will be very strict about controlling the message, and barring any serious events outside their control, will determine the narrative.

There have been many “journalists” making comments how they have nothing to report because there is no effective opposition at the moment making comments for them to report. The government is likewise not making any comments for them to report. They have come to the point where it appears they accept their job is to simply “report” whatever press releases or comments politicians choose to give them. Senior journalists exist only as conduits for leaks from “senior sources” to break “exclusive” stories that are also fed to them.

Without a media that actual investigates, without a media that actually questions, without a media that actually reports anything other than what is handed to them, this situation will be allowed to continue and play out however the Coalition government choose to play it out.

Fast forward 12 months and so many other things will have happened, that any silent period we are currently experiencing will be entirely forgotten. By the time the next election is due this recent period will “never have happened” and will be so long ago that it would not be worth mentioning. People forget, and the media will be “reporting” whatever story they were given the night before. Things that happened months or years earlier will be meaningless in the world of “up to the minute” and “exclusive” reporting that seems to drive the world of news these days.

The government knows they can easily “get away” with the silence, because they know people will forget and the media won’t be bothered with a situation that happened longer than a week ago.

Such is what the world has become.

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