The leadership story that isn’t, or shouldn’t be

The Labor leadership…

How does the media manage to justify their obsession with filling pages with a story that doesn’t actually exist. *IF* there is a challenge, *THEN* and only then should it become a story. Since when is speculation a valid basis for so many column inches and TV air time?

Recent events with The Age writing an OPINION (!?!) piece that was front page. How even? The media appears to have completely given up all pretext of reporting on new, issues, policies etc and have just gone all in with actually trying to create the news themselves. I guess that way they can have the stories all mapped out in advance.

Sure, there are tensions in the Labor party, no doubt about it. There are also tensions in the Liberal party. All the media coverage is doing though is completely distracting the politicians and the voters from the stuff that actually does matter.

I would suggest that the Liberal party is more than happy for the focus to stay on the leadship issue. That’s not really a hard thing to figure out. What I do think is tough though is that there isn’t really any way for Labor to make it go away that will help them.

The way I see it:

  1. Kevin can challenge and win – The LNP then gets heaps of material regarding a Labor party that can’t make up it’s mind, constant leadership changes etc. What happens to Julia and the other MPs who then drop to the back bench? The same situation as my next point..
  2. Kevin quits parliament – This is the only way the leadership speculation can end. However KRudd is popular with many people, so for Labor to lose a member that a lot of voters actually support will only work in the LNPs favour. If Kevin did challenge and win, then unless Julia quit the parliament the whole leadership thing will just continue.
  3. Kevin does nothing, and continues to say he won’t challenge – How do you prove that something doesn’t exist? Assume for a moment that Kevin really has no intention of challenging ever again. How does he prove that other than continuing to not challenge?
  4. Someone else takes the position – Regardless of who it is, how is that going to change anything? LNP still get points from #1 and unless the replaced member quit the whole story can be kept alive as long as he media feels like it.

If the media want to continue speculating because it’s good for readership, then there is nothing Kevin or anyone else can ever say to stop them. They can take whatever meaning they want from anything that is said. The can create a story out of nothing. And why would they do this?

I’m really at a loss on this one. The leadership issue really shouldn’t be the focus that it is. If something happens then report on it, but FFS why doesn’t anything else that actually matters get the coverage it deserves?

We don’t vote for a PM anyway. sure the leader helps to set the direction and style of the party, but they don’t call all the shots anyway.

The only way out I can see is for Abbott to do something so monumentally stupid that his own leadership is potentially challenged… Considering how low a profile he has suddenly taken on, my guess is the Liberal strategy really is to keep Tony away from any situation that extremely carefully scripted and controlled.

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