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Questions – Why?

(This started as a reply to this blog post, but it became a topic I’ve been wanting to write for a while so here it is) Something I’ve tried to teach my kids is that the most important question in … Continue reading

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Where is “The Center”?

I’ve seen a few blogs and stories about how both major parties are drifting (or lurching) to “the right”. After thinking about this it doesn’t really make sense. Where is the “center” and how is it defined? Is the political … Continue reading

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Am I a leftist or a rightist?

Here’s a complicated thought. If you support policies that are introduced by a “Left” leaning political group, does that automatically¬†make you a Leftist? In the current climate, I would have to say I¬†am a “lefty”, but I don’t really think … Continue reading

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Logical Fallacies

Enough said…

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