Carbon tax and ETS

(Just found this old draft I’d forgotten about. Cleaning it up and posting it just for the hell of it)

I don’t get it. In 2007 there was a significant election with a huge swing to Labor. One of the key policies and reasons people voted was Kevin Rudds promise to introduce the ETS. He even promised a double dissolution election if it didn’t happen.
As we know, he didn’t do the ETS and didn’t call a double dissolution election. His popularity plumeted (perhaps for several reasons) as people questioned his lack of dedication, and he got kicked out by a panicking Labor caucus.

So although it isn’t exactly the same thing, I’m confused why the carbon price (call it a tax if you must) that will transition to an ETS in a few years appears to be so unpopular. People voted in Labor in a landslide in favour of it in 2007, so why are so many people unhappy with the fact its finally here? The “cost” it has had turns out to be negligible, yet the LNP plan to abolish it seems to get a lot of support.
Are people really so fickle to think that its no longer a problem? Or is it as simple a case as people saying they really, really, really want to do something, right until you then ask them to pay for it?

I’m about to do a post about the NDIS which is all the political rage at the moment. [update:no, I’m not] It has also hit that “You want it, now you have to pay for it” nerve. The NDIS is a lot trickier though because there is a lot more emotion involved and anyone taking a position against it is shot down in a storm of “so you hate people with disabilities”.

For the record, I’m very much in favour of both the ETS/Carbon price and the NDIS. That doesn’t stop me wanting to hear arguments from people who are against either of them. It’s just a shame that I’m unlikely to see any reasoned or rational discussions when I use twitter and the MSM comments sections as my main sources of other people thoughts 😦

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