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Election called for Sept 14, 2013

Wow, that’s a call for a long way off. My guess is the plan by Labor is to force the LNP into releasing definite policy details, and also play on the (highly likely) chance that Tony will shoot himself in … Continue reading

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Woohoo, the NBN is coming

So the big bad NBN is coming to a street near me soon. When I say soon I mean “construction will commence” sometime toward the end of this year. Damn, make it FASTER! I want it NOW! That’s still a … Continue reading

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The 2013 election and polls

I think political polls are stupid. I still look at them with passing interest, but generally only to confirm my belief that they are stupid. I guess they might help to give a feeling of the sentiment people are having … Continue reading

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Scientific Consesus (and Climate Change)

I find the whole debate about “Scientific Consensus” (or lack thereof) with regard to climate change is a very odd one. The same people who try to claim the science isn’t settled are then quite happy to use the data … Continue reading

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Arrgh, so hopeless…

A new year, and I completely forgot about this thing. This year will be different, I swear. I’m going to make this blog the one about weather/climate, religion, politics, etc basically all those things you aren’t supposed to talk about … Continue reading

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